What does democracy mean to me?

10 April 2018

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This post was written by Suhaib Ahmad, Representative for the East of England on UK Youth Voice. You can read more blogs from UK Youth Voice by clicking here and follow them on twitter @UKYV.


Democracy means everyone should have an equal voice regardless of who they are or where they come from; the colour of their skin, amount of money they have and their status in society. Everyone has a voice that that should be equal and an equal opportunity to have their opinion heard. A successful democracy can give every individual the opportunity to make a difference in the way the future is paved.


Democracy for me is something that starts in my community, it’s how you raise the young population to give them access to the best education. Do you raise people equally? Or do you give them choices? Do you let them make their own choices and to find out what is good or bad?


Democracy is two strangers meeting on the street or in a lift and smiling at each other. It is when your friends respect you not because of your social status or the type of car you drive or where you come from but based purely on the content of their character. It’s when society cares about each other. And, it is when you have access to free education. It is in your life, it’s our way of life.


Democracy also means the government listening to us as people and making sure we can make our own decisions. It also means the government doesn’t have the power to take any right away or change it in any way. Democracy can mean a lot of things especially for me, someone from a different background, but it gives me the sense of security that no matter what, we are all equal.


Don’t lose your chance to have your say this May. Register to vote by the deadline of 17th April. 

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