Don’t miss out on having your say in May’s local elections


Did you know it takes just five minutes to register to vote?

Local elections are taking place all over the UK for borough, district and county councils on Tuesday May 3rd 2018.

But you have to be registered to make your vote count! Anyone aged 16 or over can register to vote. Five minutes and your National Insurance number is all you need to have your say.

If you’ve moved house since you last voted, you may not be registered to vote. You only need to register once – you don’t need to register separately for every election but if you’ve changed address, name or nationality, you must register again.

If you’ve never registered before, don’t miss out! And if you’re not going to be around on polling day, you can apply for a postal vote or proxy to vote on your behalf.

 Three reasons why you should register today

  • Not enough people are voting – A third of people who can vote in the UK didn’t even bother to vote in the last General Election and the Local Election statistics are even less.
  • Polls can get it wrong – Don’t just stay at home on election day because you think you can trust the predictions. Make your vote count.
  • You could change your mind about wanting to vote – And you don’t want to be kicking yourself on elections day because you forgot to register.

 Register now at The deadline is 17th April 2018.

Your vote matters. Don’t lose it.

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