Generation Code Accelerator is a programme designed by UK Youth to support the lack of embedded, sustainable digital provision in the youth sector. This means we worked with a small group of youth organisations over a year to use bring more digital into their work. This included running digital skills workshops, bringing in local volunteers from the tech sector, and educating young people about opportunities to find work in the tech sector. Download the Generation Code Accelerator – Handbook for more details. 

This page is a collection of our top tips and resources from this programme for both youth workers and young people.

Support for young people

Thinking about a career in tech?

The tech industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and can provide exciting career opportunities. There are many different roles working related to digital, so whether you like working individually or as a team, prefer working on coding or are great at talking to clients, there is something for everyone.

Looking to learn new skills?

Want to learn how to code?

Support for Youth Workers

How to embed digital in your youth work provision

Bringing more digital into youth work doesn’t mean losing out on face-to-face or in-person interactions or relationships.

In our fast-moving digital world, young people often do have a base level of digital skills. Through embedding more digital aspects into youth work we aim to help young people develop their digital skills further and to introduce new skills, develop enjoyable hobbies, and increase career options.

Being creative is a huge part of digital projects – here are some of our favourite examples from the programme:

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Generation Code trained 40 Master Tutors across eight regions, London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Ipswich, Kent and Devon. These youth workers were provided with the knowledge and resources to deliver the Generation Code curriculum to other youth workers in their network, through a 6-hour training day. The 40 Master Tutors have deliver Generation Code to 170 Tutors.


A Generation Code digital platform was created for groups to learn and practice coding skills and collect badges along the way.

UK Youth delivered 10 Inspiration days across the UK, 5182 young people participated with support from 126 Youth workers and 195 Code Champions.


The Generation Code Showcase Hackathon brings together youth workers, young people and tech experts from across the UK to celebrate Generation Code and inspire young people to discover the possibilities of technology.


The pilot of Generation Code Accelerator kicks off with a Training Day at Soapbox Islington. 13 youth organisations with the ambition to upskill and improve digital provision join the programme.

2020 – 2021

Generation Code Accelerator delivers in locations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Delivery Partners work with young people to assess the digital skills gap, to test digital skills sessions, build organisation partnerships and develop digital strategies.

Our Tech Support Fund distributed just under £50k in small grants to support organisations with tech and delivering digital projects in 2021.

For any questions or feedback about the resources on this page please email jessica.peacock@ukyouth.org .

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