2020 was an unparalleled year in many ways, whether it was on the news, social media or in your community, people were talking about Black lives. A long overdue conversation. Although it might sound like this conversation is louder than ever, Black people have been fighting all their lives.

Following the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests across the world we were inundated with heartfelt cries and appeals from young Black people across Britain who felt they didn’t have the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences on racism in the UK and beyond. So, we came together with youth organisations My Life My Say, The Diana Award and activist Jermain Jackman to launch the #YoungAndBlack campaign. A space to share, listen and learn from the experiences of young Black people.

Throughout 2020 we used our platform to share these thoughts and opinions on growing up young and Black in Britain – from young people living it now, to others reflecting on their stories.

Black lives still matter in 2021 and every year yet to come.

Our campaign aims are:

Racism exists. It’s taught. You’re not born that way. You learn it. Some people embrace it to justify their position, opinion, fear and ignorance. What you see in the United States is just as alive and relevant in the UK. 

-Wayne, Coca-Cola European Partners

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