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Youth engagement is embedded in all our work and we support our members to involve young people in decision making in their youth organisations and in their wider community.

Our UK Youth Voice group is compiled of young people aged 16-25 who represent every region and nation of the UK. Together they form our National Steering Board and are fundamental to everything we do, feeding into our strategy and overall direction. UK Youth Voice sit right at the heart of UK Youth.

Every year young people from across the UK Youth network get involved in policy work, fundraising, conference organising, programme design and delivery, and campaigning on behalf of their peers. As well as having a national platform to voice all things relating to young people and youth work, UK Youth Voice members have the incredible opportunity to travel all over the UK, meet new people, and develop a whole range of life skills including; communication, teamwork,organising events and leadership.

UK Youth Voice members strengthen links between youth organisations, build relationships with decision makers and inspire other young people to take action on the things that matter to them the most.

UK Youth Voice attend Oliver Bonas partnership launch event, March 2019

“Imagine getting an opportunity to do something you never thought even existed, that’s what Voice does! Young people have never had the attention that’s needed to make a difference, but UK Youth Voice gives you these incredible opportunities and a boundless confidence to do anything!”

Millie Chick, UK Youth Voice representative for the South East

“UK Youth Voice is all about making young people heard in all areas of life, delivering the chance of a lifetime for you to speak up and to inspire a wide range of young people from different backgrounds. It doesn’t have to be somebody who loves politics, it can be somebody who’s looking for something more or another direction.”

Kerrie Starkie, UK Youth Voice representative for the North West

UK Youth Voice with CEO Anna Smee at our Awards & Showcase event, November 2018. 


UK Youth Voice members are all connected to a local, regional or national youth organisation in our UK Youth movement, and are based all over the UK! Below you can see our UK Youth Voice members at their recent induction residential at UK Youth Outdoor Adventure Centre, Avon Tyrrell, alongside our CEO Anna Smee, and the Avon Tyrrell activity instructors.

[From left to right] Ellie Eagles (NDCS), Sarah Chau (Loud & Proud), Orla Devlin (London Youth), Lara Arekat (London Youth), Kevin Mckenna (Youth Action Northern Ireland), Leto Dietrich (NAYC), Aliyah Black (NDCS), Charlotte Cowell-Walker (YouthFed), Jessica Gill (NDCS), Nathan Halford (Garstang Youth Council), Aanya Sara (UK Youth Voice Alumni), Claudia Allen (Youth Cymru), Liza Girdlestone (NE Youth), Marya Ali (British Red Cross), Jack Payne (Bristol City Youth Council), John Gallacher (Youth Scotland), Sabrina Jones (Drivers for Change), Anna Smee (CEO, UK Youth) Yulet Gjurgji (London Youth), Natalie Hussey (Youth Cymru), Ray Rooney (NE Youth), Emily Fox (British Youth Council), Xavier Beardwood (Youth Action Northern Ireland), Connor Strange (Carmarthenshire Youth Council), Kerrie Starkie (Rathbone), Maya Darnton (UK Youth Voice Alumni), Zack Jackson (UK Youth Voice Alumni), Joshua Olasehinde (Youth Employment UK), Bethany Gee (Creative Youth Network), Nurjahan Ema (Momentum World), Morgan Siviter (Dudley Youth Council), Xavier Davies (Middlesbrough Children in Care Council).


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