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Our free interactive frameworks, First Steps and Safe Spaces will provide relevant, up-to-date information and guidance to benchmark your policy and  practice. They offer an evidence based compliance wide framework, which includes e.g health and safety, focus on young people, leadership and safeguarding to help you operate a safe space. Join the UK Youth Movement and get the free frameworks here:

First Steps is primarily aimed at smaller or less established organisations to support you to start a quality journey. It will demonstrate minimum operational requirements but be comprehensive enough to ensure compliance without it being a burden.

Safe Spaces is aimed at medium sized organisations who work directly with young people, from traditional youth clubs to youth and community projects, those likely to operate more than one night a week and somewhat established.

Starting your safeguarding journey with us today will help you to:


Continue your safeguarding journey with us:

Continue your safeguarding journey with us by accessing a further paid for support and moderation package. Get our First Steps or Safe Spaces quality mark and on successful completion children, young people, parents, guardians, carers, staff, volunteers and supporters will have confidence in the knowledge your organisation provides a ‘Safe Space’ that has the verified recognition of UK Youth.

We will provide you with a tailored support package to guide you through your quality assurance journey, including direct support from our team, additional resources, templates, moderation and assessment feedback.

If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact us on movement@ukyouth.org or 020 3137 3810

If you have already received a First Steps, Safe Spaces or Ambition Quality mark, these are still valid for three years from the point of receiving the mark.

NCVO safeguarding:

Safer Social Sector Partnership lead by NCVO collectively have created a range of resources to improve safeguarding across the sector. Visit NCVO Knowhow hub for a range of new online safeguarding resources and links to new content on partners’ websites.


The National Youth Safeguarding Forum:

The National Youth Safeguarding Forum aims to support and promote best practice to safeguard young people aged 10-25 from harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation. Meeting 3 times a year, members come together to gain support, share information, learn from each other and improve standards of safeguarding in the youth sector.  

To join or find out more contact Isabelle King at ymazik07@gmail.com or call 07939 289 492