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27 November 2023

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I was really unhappy in school, I was badly bullied, and it ruined my confidence. I changed schools to try and have a fresh start, but it all happened again; nothing changed. It felt hopeless, so my parents agreed I could be home schooled. I was happier at home, but I was so lonely.  

I was scared of becoming completely isolated, but I didn’t know what else I could do outside of school.  

Then we found out about the projects at our local youth club. I met the amazing staff and they told me about this new UK Youth project called EmpowHER; it sounded like just what I needed.  

I went a long and I loved it straight away. We met at least once a week, sometimes twice, and got to try out loads of new things. We did lots of talking, planning and got to share our own experiences, thoughts and ideas. It felt great to be around other girls who had faced similar challenges to me.  

I did so many new things. I loved trying tie dying, cooking, getting to visit the theatre and singing songs with everyone. Serving in the café was great, but I think my favourite part was designing clothes.  

I loved being given a brief, and then bringing it to life with my imagination. No-one had ever helped me do that before. It made me feel part of something, and that I had done something good. 

Being part of EmpowHER has given me lots of ideas about what I would like to do when I’m older. I learnt that I really like being part of a group because it helped me to make friends as well. I would DEFINITELY recommend EmpowHER to other girls and would say to anyone doing it to speak up about your ideas because they can become real, and you will feel proud of yourself. 

*Name changed to protect identity.  

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