Abdo*’s story

27 November 2023

  • Young People

Abdo’s journey began at 15. Fleeing with his mother, Abdo embarked on a perilous trek to escape the conflict in his country.

Wearing ill-fitting shoes held together by string and paper, he overcame tremendous odds to make it to the UK – but tragically lost his mother along the way.

Not only was Abdo now alone in a brand-new country, but he also couldn’t speak any English.

Placed in foster care with a supportive, compassionate family, Abdo was supported in his growth, and encouraged to develop his skills and experience.

A turning point for Abdo was when he was introduced to UK Youth’s employment programme by his local youth worker. Supported in a new thriving community of like-minded young people, Abdo learnt tasks like cash handling, restocking, ordering, and budgeting. Abdo’s confidence flourished and hope for the future started to build.

Reflecting on his journey, Abdo’s eyes well up with emotion.

“Youth work saved my life” he shares.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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