The Belong Collective Youth Leadership Group explore tips on building your community for young people experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

8 June 2022

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When experiencing feels of loneliness and isolation it is important to remember that you are not alone! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there – there is a place, a space and a group where you Belong.

Here are some tips we have pulled together about how to build and find your community in your local area, online, in school and education, at work.

Always remember to exercise caution and follow the correct guidelines to ensure your safety.

How to find and build your community…

In school or education

  1. Join or create schools groups/activities based on your interests
  2. Volunteer for school fairs, events and shows
  3. Join a buddy scheme – speak to others about you’re feeling and emotions
  4. Liaise with teacher to create safe spaces for students to come together
  5. Attend school social events

How to find and build your community…

At work

  1. Connect with colleagues from other departments across your organisation
  2. Create social events to meet other colleagues
  3. Set up a fundraising challenge for a charitable cause along with other colleagues
  4. Join social lunches
  5. Join staff forum and interest groups

How to find and build your community…

In local area

  1. Join your local community centre or youth club
  2. Join your local sports team – it can just be for fun
  3. Explore and get to know your local area
  4. Organise or volunteer within your local community
  5. Attend local events

How to find and build your community…


  1. Join groups and forums based on topics you’re interested in
  2. Join virtual projects or volunteer virtually
  3. Join mental health forums or support groups
  4. Get creative – share your passions with others

These tips can seem scary when feeling lonely or isolated so we recommend an accountability buddy! Tell someone what your plan is and ask them to follow up with you in a few weeks’ time.

You can join the Belong Collective here.

Check out the Lonely Not Alone universe and find your consultation.

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