New funding announced for youth services

30 September 2019

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Today, the government announced a £500m investment to boost youth centres – a key step in giving young people access to safe spaces and youth workers they trust, regardless of their background. We welcome this response to calls from the UK Youth Movement. Our work doesn’t stop here

Sector leaders including Anna Smee from UK Youth said:

“Having worked collaboratively across the sector for the past year, we welcome today’s announcement of a Government offer for young people. We hope this much-needed investment will form the cornerstone of a long-term strategy for young people which spans departments right across Government and drives meaningful cross-sector collaboration. It is the start of recognising the value that youth services bring to our communities. It’s vital that this investment reaches a wide variety of providers across these diverse communities so it benefits the most young people.

Long-term investment in young people means a brighter future for our country. It’s now important we make this announcement a reality. We stand ready to work with young people and Government departments to develop concrete proposals and a clear timeline.”

Getting this commitment would not be possible without the UK Youth Movement”

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