The start of my UK Youth Voice journey

29 May 2019

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This post was written by Nurjahan Ema, Representative for the South East on UK Youth Voice. You can read more blogs from UK Youth Voice by clicking here and follow them on twitter @UKYV.

So, I did my very first UK Youth Programme – UK Youth Voice from 10th – 12th May 2019 in Avon Tyrrell as a representative of the southeast of the UK.

The first flashback is from Friday where I started my journey towards Brockenhurst station from East Canterbury. In Brockenhurst station I met some other representatives from a different area of England. There was a taxi waiting for us which drove us through the lovely countryside of Southampton to Avon Tyrell. We arrived at the venue around nine-ish! There was dinner available for us. I was starving as I was fasting and could not wait until the point of arrival. Afterwards we got to know each other while playing numerous games.

The next day after breakfast we started our session by an introduction to current members and staff of UKYV. Before continuing with a session, there was some time for ice-breaking. Later, we did activities regarding equality and diversity awareness, UK youth strategies and what it is like being a charity trustee.

For me, the fun part began after lunch because I am a sporty person and like to do outdoor activities, the first activity which was called Hit the Barrel, the objective is, of course, to try and hit the blue barrels with tennis balls using a catapult! Hard to admit but it was very difficult for me, I could not even hit any of barrels. Such a shame for me… But as a team, we did way beyond our imagination, we thought our team would win all the activities as we had a strong start!! The second activity was about surviving through the barriers which were quite challenging. Proud to say I enjoyed it most. The next one is the 3rd activity, archery. The last activity was where we had to stand on these wooden planks and shout left or right to move our “feet” which were the planks. This was by far the hardest activity.

In the evening we had a lovely time learning all about the history of the house of Avon Tyrrell and had a tour! The weather was sunny and beautiful so I had a few opportunities to take photos of the beautiful scenery and of course a “Selfie”. There are a few pictures of the Lord Manor’s house which is now known as Avon Tyrrell!

The last day of the programme started with the same spirit. Then we took a look at the programme of activities for the year as a UK Youth Voice member, and what the expectations are, from us as voice members. From the session, I gained a good understanding of democratic processes, of how parliament works, what the role of MPs/Lords are, how laws get passed and how our voice will get to be heard. The program ended with a celebration of the successes of members of past UKYV.

I had a very good time with UKYV throughout the weekend and hope to learn more. This programme helped me to increase my self-esteem and enhanced my learning to put my voice into action.

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