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11 April 2018

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By Faiza Amin, Membership Development Executive at UK Youth.

Working to build bright futures for all young people has never been as important as it is today.

Consider the recent news on the rise in serious violence affecting young people across London and the UK. We can’t help but consider the important role youth organisations have. Youth organisations ensure young people are able to access services that empower them with opportunity. They do it regardless of a young person’s backgrounds or circumstances.


“With the support of UK Youth the ripple effect into the wider community has been amazing – from the projects offered, young people develop skills and build relationships they would never have dreamed of.”

 SABA, UK Youth Member


High quality services

Here at UK Youth, we’re proud to sit at the heart of a national network of members who are working hard every day to do just that.

From supporting young people affected by violence, driving new approaches to youth services and promoting safeguarding across the sector, our members have demonstrated remarkable resilience. Despite the continued changes and cuts in the youth sector they are adapting. Our members deliver high quality services relevant to the changing needs of young people in their local areas.


“We are pleased with the brilliant work UK Youth offer us and the marvellous projects we have been able to deliver with the young people so far. As part of our membership with UK Youth we always receive advice, information and guidance to enhance our services to support young people in the local area.”

SLYNCS, UK Youth Member


Supporting our members

Following our merger with Ambition, we consulted with members across the UK. This ensured we’re playing our role to best support them and the young people they work with.

There are more and more demands being placed on youth organisations. They need to innovate and diversify their funding. They also have to demonstrate their impact and safeguard staff and young people while providing support young people. We recognise that we have a role to play in being at the forefront of best practice. You can find out more in our State of the Membership report.

We are here for our members. UK Youth advocate the incredible successes they achieve. We drive change on the issues they care about on a national level. Along with this, we help unlock funding to ensure they can continue delivering high quality services.


 “We needed some advice on making our organisation sustainable but we didn’t know where to go or who to speak to. With UK Youth’s help, not only did we overcome our challenge, we are now in a better and stronger position as an organisation because of the help we received.”

 Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs, UK Youth Member


Looking ahead

It’s an exciting time at UK Youth following the launch of our new member offer that has been created with and by our members and showcases our commitment to adapt to the needs of the sector to best support their young people.

We believe that together we can provide a catalyst for change. Sharing powerful ideas and building strong evidence to strengthen and grow high quality services for young people across the UK.

Do you want to be part of something bigger? Then join the movement of organisations working to build bright futures for all young people.

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