UK Youth named as Inclusive Economy Partnership grant winner

28 March 2018

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UK Youth has been named as one of 18 grant winners in the Inclusive Economy Partnership by Nesta.

Alongside other organisations such as Founders4Schools and MyKindaFuture, UK Youth will use the funds for our Towards Employability training programme. The programme supports young people out of education, employment or training. Through the training they will identify their strengths, develop motivation and build capability to find and sustain work.

About the partnership

The Inclusive Economy Partnership (IEP) is a pioneering initiative to build a more inclusive economy through identifying and scaling existing solutions to major societal challenges and developing a new way of tackling cross-sector challenges together. The IEP brings together innovators, businesses and civil society to develop solutions in three challenge areas. These are financial inclusion and capability, mental health, and transition to work for young people.

With support from the Government, Nesta has convened organisations doing great work in the challenge areas. The grant will supporting us to amplify and scale successful innovations. Through this, Nesta will provide bespoke support, and fostering partnerships between innovators, businesses and civil society.

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