Celebrating National Apprenticeships Week at Avon Tyrrell

9 March 2018

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By Kelly Metcalfe, Head of Learning and Leadership at UK Youth, for National Apprenticeships Week. You can find out more about Avon Tyrrell by visiting our website, or by following us on Facebook and Twitter

Apprenticeships are a great way to start your career path, with on the job training and access to support that will enable you to build a solid foundation in your chosen career. At Avon Tyrrell, home of UK Youth, we provide more than opportunities to learn outside the classroom.

20% of our work force are on their apprenticeship journey,  providing them with the skills, qualifications and tools they need. Many embark on successful careers beyond their time with us, enabled by a 90% pass rate on our apprenticeship programme. This platform for learning and development has led to previous apprentices becoming teachers, tree surgeons, trainers and business owners.

The work we do with our Apprentices has an impact on the future development of our programmes and activities.   As well as being sought after instructors within the outdoor sector, many of our apprentices go on to full time positions with us. Through this, they use their skills, knowledge and experience to develop and shape our apprenticeship programme.

What our apprentices gain

At Avon Tyrrell we host twelve apprentices at any one time, with a mix of intermediate and advanced apprentices.  Since 2002, we have had 89 apprentices, showing our true commitment to the area.

UK Youth apprentices not only learn from experienced instructors here on site, but they also have the incredible opportunity to achieve a good range of high quality industry qualifications.  This along with the key skills and experience they gain working with different groups and from living away from home sets these young people up with essential life skills and experience that enables them to build exciting career prospects.

Initially there is a twelve month programme, with the opportunity to progress onto the second year to gain more national qualifications and experience. Our programme is led by a mix of nationally recognised experts being bought in to deliver high quality qualifications and in house experts to support the development of soft skills and experience.  There are also a variety of offsite trips that help to develop experience and the ability to transfer skills.

A UK Youth Apprenticeship will give you:

National Apprenticeships Week

National Apprenticeships Week takes place each March to show the huge value in apprenticeships. We are using this opportunity to show the great work our apprentices do. We’re really proud of the achievements of all our apprentices. This includes Daisy McDonnell, who this week won a Princes Trust Award.

You can find out more by visiting our website.

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