4Youth’s members join UK Youth

30 September 2016

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After the announcement that 4Youth will be formally closing on 30th September 2016, all members of the charity will be integrated into UK Youth’s network for two years from 1st September. This is a move that 4Youth believes strengthens their members’ local services and ensures a sustainable and vibrant future for all young people in Hampshire.

Karen Lloyd, Chair of 4Youth said: “Cuts to local services have hit the youth sector hard over the last few years. Our decision to close is just one of the many changes happening across the wider sector as it continues to undergo reconfiguration and development. We know that collaboration and partnership will be essential to the youth sector in the coming times and truly believe that the integration of our members into UK Youth’s network, will help secure the best possible outcomes for local young people.”

Anna Smee, CEO of UK Youth said: “The youth sector is constantly having to seek innovative ways to continue its services to young people. More so than ever, partnership and collaboration have become essential in this changing environment.  With this in mind 4Youth approached us with the view to ensuring continued support for their members to help create a sustainable future for young people in their network. UK Youth has a deep rooted history in Hampshire with our outdoor learning centre, Avon Tyrrell, based in the heart of the New Forest providing us great insight into the local challenges.  We’re committed to ensuring all young people throughout the UK have access to a range of high-quality services to allow them to develop crucial life skills and feel empowered to make positive choices. With the closure of 4Youth, we’re dedicated to maintaining the crucial support their members provide local young people and will work in partnership with them to create a strong future and leave a positive legacy for the charity.”

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