What are the UK Youth Achievement Awards?

Every year thousands of young people across the country take part in the UK Youth Achievement Awards (UKYAAs). The UKYAAs champion a plan, do, review model to provide a unique framework that can be tailored to almost any activity, helping to engage a range of young people. The awards serve to offer formal recognition of young people’s achievements and accreditation for their work.

The UKYAAs, which are accredited by Asdan, offer five levels. Young people can work their way up or enter at the most relevant point:

  • Challenge – entry level introduction to the UKYAAs (not accredited by Asdan)


  • Bronze – taking part and getting involved


  • Silver – helping to organise


  • Gold – planning and leading


  • Platinum – taking a full leadership role, with an element of training

Each level of the award connects to a different point on the UK Youth Social Development Journey and represents different levels of participation. Through the UKYAAs, young people will gain vital life skills and become motivated, self-aware, receptive, resilient, responsible, confident and good communicators.

What kind of work do the UKYAAs involve?

The UK Youth Achievement Awards are youth-led and aimed at small groups of young people. This means that the young people decide what challenges to set themselves within their group, with appropriate guidance.

There is a minimum time commitment required to complete each level of the awards:

YAA Challenge
YAA Platinum

How can I run the awards and what is the cost?

  • You must join the UK Youth movement to deliver the UK Youth Achievement Awards, but don’t worry, signing up as a Changemaker is free 
  • You can find out more information about the Movement and sign up here
  • Once you’ve signed up, you’ll still need to pay a registration fee of £50 (+VAT) to deliver the awards, and your registration will last for 12 months
  • If you pay £500 to sign up as an Innovator you get a 20% discount on all products, including the UK Youth Achievement Awards and all associated costs
  • Signing up as an Innovator gives you the closest possible relationship with us and includes a ticket to our annual leader’s retreat
  • General costs are:
    • £18.50 per ASDAN accredited certificate
    • £6.50 per UK Youth provided certificate
    • £5 per award workbook (or a free PDF)
  • Remember that Innovators get a 20% discount!

Will my organisation receive training?

You will receive complete training on how to deliver the awards at no extra cost after your registration. Initial training will be via an online video resource.

We can arrange further bespoke face-to-face training for your organisation at an additional cost. The training will last approximately one hour, and the date and time will be arranged according to your convenience and the availability of the UK Youth Engagement and Advocacy team.

As part of the moderation and verification process of the UK Youth Achievement Awards, we ask all delivery organisations to attend a yearly moderation meeting. These meetings are free and held a few times a year in various locations across England.

The young people I work with have additional needs, can they do the awards?

Yes, any young person can do the awards. The awards are designed to cater for all candidates of diverse needs and abilities. If you have any concerns about what kind of evidence is appropriate or realistic for any young person to create while participating in the award, get in touch with the Engagement and Advocacy team.

Can we adapt the awards to work we’re already delivering?

If the young people you work with already use workbooks or logbooks to keep track of their achievements, these can make up an important part of their UKYAA portfolio. Get in touch with the Engagement and Advocacy team to ensure every component of the UKYAAs is accounted for in your workbooks.

How do I register?

Due to COVID-19, you can now apply to participate digitally. Sign up here

Where are the awards delivered?