YAA Challenge Awards

Due to the current circumstances, UK Youth believes this is the time to ensure we have a variety of support available to young people during this time. To support organisations across the UK can continue to support young people to continue to explore new ideas, improve their wellbeing, and develop new skills.

To ensure youth workers can continue to support this UK Youth has launched Digital Youth Achievement Challenge Awards for free. The awards will be carried out with the same plan, do, review model to provide a unique framework that can be tailored to almost any activity.

What kind of work do the UKYAAs involve?

The UK Youth Achievement Awards are youth-led and aimed this means that the young people decide what challenges to set themselves, with appropriate guidance. To ensure we support a variety of young people we have opened up The Challenge Awards to support individual young people and small groups.

The minimum time commitment required to complete the digital Challenge Award is 10 hours.

How can I run the awards and what is the cost?

  • You must join the UK Youth movement to deliver the UK Youth Achievement Awards, but don’t worry, signing up as a Changemaker is free
  • You will need to register your organisation to deliver the digital Challenge Award
  • You will need to attend a training session on how to deliver the digital Challenge Award.

Register below to deliver the digital challenge awards