Reach Up


Reach Up engages 16 to 25 year olds who are either NEET, at risk of becoming NEET or underemployed (i.e. involuntarily working part-time after failing to secure full-time employment) and empowers them with the confidence, skills and experience needed to feel ready for the work place. 

The programme, in partnership with Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), addresses the key issues young people face surrounding employment through a range of activities. These include workshops delivered by youth workers and CCEP volunteers; networking masterclasses; mock interviews; and real-life experience through spending a day in the life of the CCEP’s Field Sales team and even running their own Community Café! At the end of the programme, young people have the employability skills and confidence to secure full-time employment and thrive within the workplace. 

Pilot Programme 2018 

A pilot programme for Reach Up was delivered between June and November 2018 within Chester and the Wirral, in partnership with Youth Federation.

Reach Up 2019 

Following the success of the pilot, in 2019 UK Youth trained youth workers to deliver the programme to 160 young people aged 16-23, in seven locations across England and Scotland. The programme was supported through the added value and expertise of 165 Coca Cola European Partners volunteers.