Our movement

The youth sector is diverse – from charities to social enterprises, afterschool clubs to religious groups, from housing associations to local authorities and a woman who started a dance club in Burnley, just to give young people a safe place to be. 

Our job at UK Youth is to support fellow youth organisations by building capacity, unlocking funding and providing a sense of connection to reach 1.6m young people and those who work with them 

Young people with complex needs and those from disadvantaged backgrounds are being hardest hit by the rising inequality and cuts to local services. Never has there been a more crucial time for youth organisations to work together, as a movement, to solve the problems that young people face in society.  

Why the change?

We want to be an organisation fit for young people today and tomorrow. Last year, our network told us that they wanted a louder voice to influence policy at a national level, to raise the profile of youth workand to increase investment in young people. This is where the UK Youth Movement came from. 

What is the UK Youth movement?

We want to connect the know-how of the sector and make sure there is the strongest voice possible for young people. We want to stand with young people and youth workers to ensure their voices are heard and their knowledge is shared. We will be relentless – banging the drum for recognition of the challenges young people face and the work you do to make a difference.

We don’t want to tackle the challenges facing the youth sector alone. Together, we can make sure that young people have better access to affordable, high quality services in their local area, especially those who need us most. That’s why we call this a movement, not just a membership refresh.

Join the UK Youth movement

Join the thousands of organisations in our network

Your organisation will be offered bespoke support from the UK Youth team plus support with fundraising, business support and strategy development, regular contact about opportunities as well as vital informal support. We’ll only ever be a phone call away.  You will also have a seat at the table of our Strategy and Innovation Group – putting you at the heart of what we do, providing strategic direction and developing innovative ideas for the sector.  

You’ll be the eyes and ears for your area and we’ll give you access to all our resources to support what you do best. Innovator Membership also includes 20% off products including Quality Framework moderation and UK Youth Achievement Award and a free ticket (including food and accommodation) to our two-day Leaders’ Retreat. We’ll also give you priority admission to high profile UK Youth eventsopening doors to policy discussions and networking opportunities. 

If you support young people, you belong in the UK Youth Movement. Not everyone has the time or resources to join as an Innovator but working in isolation won’t achieve as much change, as quickly as young people need us to. You keep championing young people, and we will provide free support, advice, events, training and networking opportunities.  

Individuals, organisations, networks, youth workers and corporate partners – everyone is welcome. If we want to change the environment young people are living in, it will be the whole UK Youth Movement we’re amplifying. The more people who are signed up as changemakers, the more leverage we will have to unlock funding, campaign for young people and build capacity. There is no UK Youth Movement without you. 

Map of Our Movement

*Cheerful disclaimer: This map is in development and always will be. We know there are many youth organisations across the country not registered on this website. It’s free to join the UK Youth Movement as a Changemaker, sign up here.