Avon Tyrrell

Our historic centre creates adventures that enable young people to build bright futures, leaving them with incredible memories and essential life skills

Avon Tyrrell is our leading outdoor learning venue based in the heart of the New Forest. Its unique heritage and beautiful grounds contain an extensive range of inclusive outdoor activities and tailored programmes allowing us to provide the opportunity for everyone to experience, learn and develop.

By combining positive, safe learning spaces with appropriate levels of challenge, our outdoor instructors develop young people to build confidence and resilience through offering tangible outcomes and a sense of achievement. 65,093 engagement days were delivered to 25,733 children and young people as part of school groups, youth organisation trips or other visits.

We are dedicated to accessibility and work hard to adapt sessions to cater to individuals with a variety of disabilities. This year, we launched Accessible Adventures which offers families with a child with a disability the chance to come away for a family break.

The weekends provide development opportunities for the young people, respite for the parents/guardians and inclusive opportunities for families to meet and support each other.

Avon Tyrrell is also home to our apprentice programme, which provides young people with hands on learning, giving young people the skills and recognised qualifications they need to succeed in the outdoor industry. Our apprenticeships go beyond the basic framework, providing additional training and qualifications to ensure these young apprentices have the skills and qualifications for future careers beyond Avon Tyrrell.

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