My first workshop – The Civil Society Strategy

Youth Voice

This post was written by Millie Chick Representative for the South East of England on UK Youth Voice. You can read more blogs from UK Youth Voice by clicking here and follow them on twitter @UKYV.

A few months ago I went to my first workshop in Bristol as a part of UK Youth Voice. As a new member, I had no idea what to expect or what to do. But I’m so glad I went!

The topic of discussion was the Civil Society Strategy, more specifically, how to improve youth services and make our society more inclusive for young people. The group talked about the power and representation young people felt they had in different institutions and organisations. We also talked about what we look for in a youth organisation and what the best kinds of youth workers are. We decided they were both best with pizza!

Two representatives from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport were also there on behalf of the Government; it’s really refreshing to see the Government taking such an active interest in young people.

What I learned

This workshop was a real eye-opener. We, as young people, are talking and other people are listening to what we say. I’ve known so many young people that don’t care about how we’re represented, so it’s such a wonderful thing to find young people who are being active members of their communities.

Seeing young people getting involved in such a hands-on way has really inspired me to make change in my community. You can do that too! I’d encourage you to get involved with running similar workshops. Or speak up to organisations like school, college or small businesses if you feel like you are not being given a big enough voice. Right now, the government is willing to listen; so say what you’re thinking via government websites or even by contacting your local council or MP. I’ve learned that the best way of voicing your opinions is to get involved in workshops like this, so if something similar happens in your area, go along!

Lastly, I learned that even youth centred workshops are better with pizza, and some really nice brownies too…

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