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We are passionate about capturing the views, ideas and experiences of young people throughout the UK. UK Youth Voice is our young steering group that sits right at the heart of what we do at UK Youth, playing a major role in governing the charity, helping to shape our training and national programmes to ensure we maximise effectiveness.

In addition to their valuable work, these 18 individuals also progressed greatly in their personal development - the impact on UK Youth Voice members 2014 was:


UK Youth Voice


Every year new members are invited to join the group, whilst existing members can progress to senior positions (Chair, Vice Chair, PR and Media, Campaigns and Policy, Secretary, Vice Secretary and Treasurer) in their second year.

If you would like to find out more information about UK Youth's Voice or if you want to get involved, please email

    Youth Voice
    Wasim's Story

    He's 21, lives in Birmingham, and studied law at university, but in the past he lacked confidence, was behaving badly at school and getting into a lot of trouble, mostly gang related.

    Luckily for Wasim, he attended Youth Voice's annual youth conference and was selected to join the UK Youth steering group. Voice gave Wasim the chance to do things he would never have dreamed of and has enabled him to turn his life around, he is now a youth action ambassador for the Cabinet Office and works as a manager in the NHS.

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