Youth Achievement Awards (YAA)


The Youth Achievement Awards (YAA) are the cornerstone of our activity, they are nationally recognised and have been developed as a framework for providing non-formal learning and recognition, to support and encourage young people on their journey from childhood to adulthood.

Through the YAA young people are encouraged to actively participate in their own “Social Development Journey”, developing, acknowledging and articulating life skills and competencies which help them to become a positive force for change in their own lives, and the lives of others.

The awards based system provides recognition of achievement and encourages young people to reach their full potential.  The awards are tiered, Bronze through to Platinum, although can be started at any point.

Aimed at young people aged 7+ the awards provide a framework which recognises the four levels of responsibility taken by young people participating in activities that interest them.


The Youth Achievement Awards Levels:

Social Engagement through the YAA BRONZE – recognises and encourages young people to get involved

Social Learning through the YAA SILVER – recognises and encourages young people to work with others and share responsibility

Social Action through the YAA GOLD – recognises and encourages young people to take individual responsibility and play an active role in organising activities. This can be community based.

Social Leadership through the YAA PLATINUM – recognises and encourages young people to move into a leadership position.


The award does not come with a programme; instead, the open framework allows young people, along with their learning providers, to mould the awards around existing youth work, activities and/or school programmes. 

For more information contact the Membership Team on or 0203 137 3810.

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