UK Youth Voice – what’s it all about?

Hear from Kerrie, one of our young reps

Reading about what happens on UK Youth Voice meetings, I thought that the first meeting would be happy, cheery, fun, loud and proper thought out - but it was also so much more…

My name is Kerrie Starkie and I'm here to take you on my journey during my time with UK Youth Voice. I first heard about UK Youth Voice through my local youth group Rathbone, who is part of the UK Youth network. They encouraged me to sign up and if I’m honest, I actually thought I was wasting my time and wouldn't even get considered. But getting that acceptance into the Voice to represent North West was really an eye opener.

Before my first Voice meeting, I thought that everyone would be in their own groups, I'm going to be the odd one out, and I have nothing to bring to help others. But the reality is that joining UK Youth Voice is exactly what I need! It's much more than I thought it would be - it's intriguing, captivating and more educational. You don't need to worry about opinions and you can speak openly. Everyone in the group has faced a struggle/barrier and we are all involved for different reasons. It was really nice to see old and new members coming together and just connecting straight away.

During our weekend we got to learn new educational and relative stuff, take part in new experiences and make new friends. We even went to visit a UK Youth member youth group, Stepney Bank, which is full of young people and horses (hence the selfie above!). To be able to see what they do was amazing, learning how we can make their community better and hearing their ideas was a really important part of the weekend.

After attending just one meeting, I believe I can now make a real difference! I know I've got others around me supporting the same cause - and the key thing to remember is that no one is alone in UK Youth Voice! 

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