UPS Road Code

Young drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in major crashes. Key findings of a 2012 review found1:

  • 17-24 year olds with two years or less driving experience are much more likely to make a catastrophic claim involving life-changing injuries than newly qualified 37-44 year old drivers with the same driving experience.
  • Young drivers are far more likely to make a catastrophic claim that includes three to five bodily injury claims, indicating that their crashes involve a greater number of people.

UK Youth delivers the UK arm of Road Code, the UPS Foundation’s innovative road hazard awareness programme. UPS volunteers deliver half-day workshops at youth clubs and projects around the country that are a mix of classroom based instruction and time ‘behind the wheel’ of a driving simulator. 

The aim of the programme is to help young people consider how to be safe in and around cars before they even start learning to drive. The programme continues to deliver a vital message about Road Safety and one that isn’t being consistently delivered by anyone else. Beyond the UK Youth network, it has been of interest to schools and uniformed youth groups (e.g. scouts).

Based on pre and post monitoring surveys, in 2014 UPS Road Code engaged 316 young people with an averaged 20% increased awareness of:

  • Why road safety is important
  • Causes of accidents and road deaths
  • The consequences of risky driving behaviours
  • Why wearing a seat belt is important
  • Understanding road rage. 

Young People’s feedback following UPS workshops highlights the impact their learning will have:

The best thing about the programme was….

“Simulators- experience of different driving conditions”

“Road safety awareness statistics”

“The hard hitting facts”

What will you differently now you have been on the programme?

“Wear a seat belt”

“Concentrate more”

“Tell the driver if I’m worried”

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