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Accreditation via the UK Youth Achievement Awards

2,290 young people in 2014/15 were certified with a UK Youth accreditation and over 50% of those young people were fully funded to complete their Platinum UK Youth Achievement Award.

For more information about our accreditations please contact 02031 373810 or e-mail


Our online training programmes below are currently offline whilst we undertake a review of our training and accreditation offer. If you would like to be notified when they are available again, please email Ellie Locke - 



Our short eLearning programmes provide simple ways to improve your work with young people. These programmes are level 2, as graded against the nationally accepted levels for training programmes, where students receive a certification upon completion. 


Our eLearning programmes comprise of: 

Raising Aspirations Course


This short online programme devised by UK Youth and Developing Youth Practice has been created using tried and tested theories for raising aspirations in young people.

This programme will help you:


  • understand underlying reasons that lead to low aspirations
  • explore concepts and practical strategies to raise aspirations
  • overcoming limiting beliefs
  • identifying and demonstrating useful tools to set meaningful goals 
  • motivate change


This course costs £25 per person (+VAT) 

It is recommended that participants also complete the Hard-to-Engage and Difficult Behaviour programmes, as they cover the key theories and will provide useful insight and context to working with those who display difficult behaviour and who are also difficult to engage.

If you would like to book this course then please complete the eLearning Training booking form.

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