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As a charity we rely on a wide variety of support and donations, and the efforts of our fundraisers ensure we can continue with our vital work.

We believe that all young people should be given the necessary support to fully engage, develop skills and have their voices heard. We are fortunate that we do receive support from a wide range of sources, from people and organisations that share our commitment to empowering young people to realise their potential. We are extremely grateful to all the donors that make our work possible and enjoyable by sharing our passion for supporting young people.

If you, like UK Youth, believe that every young person should be given the tools they need for life, work and a better future there are a wide range of ways you can help us achieve this mission. This section details many of the things you can do; attending an event, setting yourself a personal challenge or simply making a donation.

There are various ways you can support us, including:

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