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Youth-led group are Award winners

Youth-led group are Award winners

UK Youth Voice – UK Youth’s youth-led steering group – has won a British Youth Council Youth on Board Award.


Youth on Board Awards are an exclusively youth-led award scheme that recognises innovative and exciting youth participation. The award-winning application – completed by UK Youth Voice members Robert Aitken and Laurence Griffin – included the following:


“We hold an Annual Youth Conference, which brings together 100+ young people for a variety of workshops, these workshops help them understand the wider world…the conference allows young people to engage in conversation with each other and also to make new friendships.


“Recently four of our members went to a discussion, hosted by Ed Milliband, about the issues affecting young people. Our group members got some really good points across and were congratulated by various MPs who attended the event. Two UK Youth Voice members attended Microsoft's Innovate4Good in Brussels and shared information about our Gen2Gen project, it is a project where young people teach older people about IT.


“Our project helps everyone from any background….no matter what you have done in your life, our group will always accept you. We have people in our group who are not as rich as others but they are still treated the same. Our young people are overwhelming when it comes to creativity because no matter how hard it gets they will always stick together and work as a team.


“UK Youth Voice has 20 members, six of whom are officers, this enables the group to run fairly and efficiently….an E-Participation Officer is there in our meetings, just for supervision, but other than that it is fully youth-led with no interference from any workers.”



UK Youth Voice Chair, Rich Cullen welcomed the recognition: "Winning this Award is a fantastic achievement for the young people of UK Youth Voice and for the youth participation team at UK Youth. Our members have incredible commitment and drive, and it's great to get this recognition.”


UK Youth’s E-Participation Officer, Claire Dever, who works with the group, added: “This Award recognises both the brilliance of the young people of UK Youth Voice and UK Youth’s dedication to supporting youth-led programmes. Involving young people in decision-making is what we do best, demonstrated by our commitment in welcoming young people on our Trustee Board each year. I’m thrilled for everyone involved – a great end to a great year”.


UK Youth’s Research and Development Manager, Carola Adams, acknowledged the importance of UK Youth’s historical commitment to youth participation: "This Award represents the recognition for each and every one of the generations of young people and Youth Participation Officers who have taken their turn at shaping UK Youth's work and running an annual youth conference for over 100 years."


The Award was presented to members of UK Youth Voice at a Parliamentary Reception on 17 December 2012, held in the House of Commons.

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