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Young people build cross-sector links

Young people build cross-sector links

The young people of UK Youth Voice are getting behind UK Youth’s partnership with Business in the Community and the National Children’s Bureau.


United Futures was set up to:

  • promote the mutual benefits of youth organisations and businesses working together;
  • build the capacity of businesses and the youth sector to work together; and
  • link potential partners online and through regional events across England.


On the Board

The members of UK Youth Voice, UK Youth’s own youth-led group, are getting involved in guiding and supporting the work of United Futures. Youth Voice member, Chris Whitwood is a member of the initiative’s Advisory Board:

“As a project designed to encourage the business and the youth sectors to work together, I feel it is vital that young people are central to everything United Futures does. The Advisory Board is responsible for overseeing the entire project and being a Board member has allowed me to share ideas with members of national youth charities and businesses as well as gain a insight into what United Futures has achieved so far and can achieve in the future.


“At this summer's UK Youth Voice Conference I ran a United Futures workshop in order to go some way to discovering what young people would like to see from a partnership with business, be that volunteer support, work experience or financial backing.


“I have been able to attend a number of United Futures events, to see first-hand the creation of new relationships between businesses and the youth sector. Involving young people, such as myself, in these events, with the opportunity of giving feedback through the Advisory Board, means that United Futures is able to keep the opinions and needs of young people at the heart of what it does.”


Having a say

UK Youth Voice Chair, Rich Cullen will be a keynote speaker at a United Futures event in Leeds in February 2013. Rich is looking forward to getting involved:

“United Futures is fantastic. Not only do businesses get insight from bright young people but they can also receive competent applicants for internships or jobs that could involve youth. Organisations could find the next CEO in the youth groups they link with!


“I also think youth organisations need to cater to businesses more, as people don't always do things for free. Running a project alongside business might bring in more support for youth organisations.”

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