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Environmental action

Environmental action

Two young women are the inspiration for an environmental project, supported by Youth Action, the UK Youth and Starbucks partnership.


Wilderness Ways is a Leeds-based project run by dynamic duo Helen Jaques and Jo Whitaker. They turned up to the Youth Action ‘pitch day’ in Leeds complete with pond wildlife in a tank and bright storyboards to illustrate their ideas.


The pair had been volunteering at British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) Skelton Grange Environment Centre and spotted the need for a pond dipping platform on their pond, to encourage young people and their families to learn about pond wildlife.


Having got the ‘go-ahead’ from the panel, Helen and Jo took part in the UK Youth-led training, which helped them to finalise their budget and think through their project ideas in more detail.


Building work

With the help of the Starbucks Youth Action grant, they set about constructing the platform. For this, they had the practical help of BTCV staff and volunteers, along with Starbucks volunteers for two of the work days. The platform was completed in early November and will be heavily used by local children to pond dip in the springtime.


“Jo and I are really excited the pond platform is complete, we’d like to thank the Skelton Grange staff and all the volunteers who have put in lots of hard work,” said Helen. “The new platform will make it really easy for lots of children to have a close up look at what lives in the pond, and get hands on with their local environment.”


Youth Action is a partnership between Starbucks and UK Youth, supporting young people to improve their communities.

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