Starbucks Youth Action


To help young people bring their ideas to life, Starbucks Youth Action supports young NEET people, not in education or employment, with a programme that provides mentorship and guidance throughout their journey. So far the programme has offered over 100 grants to successful 16-25 year olds who have a community idea they want to bring to life.

Starbucks Youth Action applications are currently closed BUT please do keep checking back for their 2017 launch...

In the meantime, we recently visited one of our funded projects with SBTV and a very special guest.

To pay tribute to Sands End Youth Club work with local young people, we helped organise for them to featured in a new short film produced by SBTV, the leading online youth broadcaster.

The film also shows Jamal Edwards’ surprise visit to the club during a recent football tournament where he met and spent time with the young people and youth workers. 


Jamila Jama, Sands End Youth Club: “I’m thrilled with the progress the club has made in the last six years. The funding from Starbucks Youth Action has meant we have been able to continue in progressing our plans to help the local community. My aim and hope is to create a place where young people can become totally self-sufficient and take ownership of the projects they believe in.”


Simon Redfern, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Starbucks, Europe said: “We’re delighted that the funding and mentorship provided by the Starbucks Youth Action initiatives means organisations like Sands End Youth Club are able to make their dreams a reality and better the lives of those the club supports. The Starbucks Youth Action initiative is all about giving these hungry entrepreneurs a helping hand, providing mentorship and guidance for the greater good of both business and community.”


Anna Smee, chief executive of UK Youth, partners in Starbucks Youth Action said: “We are excited to see the drive and motivation of Sands End Youth Club. Often in my experience of working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, the hardest thing for them to do is believe in themselves. Programmes like Starbucks Youth Action give them the opportunity to try something new, develop their skills and build confidence”


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