Starbucks Youth Action


UK Youth and Starbucks unite to develop young people’s readiness for employment

The transition into employment is a tough experience for many young people, bringing with it challenges and responsibilities they may not be aware of, or equipped to cope with. Many young people don’t have (or don’t recognise that they have) the relevant life and work experience needed to confidently enter the workplace. This can result in a mismatch between expectations and reality.

UK Youth’s Youth Action programme, funded by Starbucks, empowers disadvantaged young people with the confidence, skills and experience needed to feel ready for the workplace. The one year programme addresses the key issues young people face surrounding employment and provides them with the opportunity to learn life skills through employability training, put these new skills into practice in a networking environment and create their own business by running local community cafes.

UK Youth’s Youth Action programme is a continuation of Starbucks and UK Youth’s previous partnership which offered over 100 grants to successful 16-25 year olds to bring their community ideas to life. 

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