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Training & Events

We offer a number of practical, effective and competitively priced training courses as well as a wide range of resources to support anyone working with young people.  


Training & Events

Youth Achievement Awards

Introduction to the Youth Achievement Awards 


The Youth Achievement Awards offer a peer-assessed approach to recognising and accrediting achievements and contributions of young people aged 14 plus.

Introduction to UK Youth’s Accreditation and Qualifications Programmes

UK Youth exists to develop and promote innovative non-formal education programmes for and with young people-working with them to develop their potential.

Youth Achievement Award Support and Verification Meeting

Youth Achievement Award Support and Verification meetings are an opportunity for you to bring completed Youth Achievement Award portfolios for verification and subsequent certification. 

Promoting Emotional Wellbeing – based on the HeadsUp! Toolkit


If you are interested in how you can develop your work to support young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing either in a community or schools context then this course is relevant to you.

Internal Quality Assurance Support Meeting


UK Youth hosts Internal Quality Assurance Support meetings throughout the year for all centres delivering UK Youth Qualifications.


Engage and Empower: Working with young people

This course will give participants grounding in how to effectively engage with and empower young people.

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