We work with a wide range of organisations to reach young people and provide them with varied and accessible opportunities to learn, develop skills and increase employability. Our work with high profile corporate partners enables us to deliver innovative and inspiring programmes that have a significant impact on young people's key capabilities.

Here are some of the key programmes - please click on the boxes to find out more information:


Lloyds Money for Life

UK Youth is delighted that it has been appointed by Lloyds Banking Group to deliver a financial education programme for young people vulnerable to financial exclusion in some of the most deprived areas across the UK.  The programme, a refreshed version of Money for Life, the Group’s award-winning personal money management programme is scheduled to launch in September 2016.

The Big Music Project

From 2016 - 2018 we will be working with over 220 Big Music Hubs across the UK, involving over 13,000 young people. Over the last few years some of key achievements for this project include;

  • Over 100 Big Music Hubs were established 
  • Over 1000 young people leading peer education - 50% achieved accrediation
  • 3131 participated in Big Music Live events
Microsoft Youth Hubs

This is our previous Microsoft funded programme in which 2,205 young people developed and shared their digital skills from basic computer literacy to coding and graphic design via the Youth Hubs across the UK. Key achievements:

  • 4802 visits by young people to the hubs
  • Over 50% of those had limited access to IT
  • 105 young people trained and went on to peer-educate 2,100 others 

13,565 were supported by the Democracy programme which was designed to increase young people's political engagement. Key achievements:

  • It is predicted 14,617 young people will use our toolkit
  • By March 2015 - trained leaders recruited 215 peer educators
  • 6,042 young people were peer educated by these Democracy Champions
UPS Road Code

316 young people took part in UPS Road Code where young people were encouraged to consider their safety in and around cars, prior to starting to drive. Key achievements:

  • There was a 20% increase in young people's awareness of road safety and the consequences of risky driving behaviours
National Citizen Service

2,154 young people took part in an NCS programme where 16-17 year olds join teams and take part in two weeks' worth of residential activities  before being tasked with designing and delivering a social action project. Key Achievements improved their:

  • Communication skills by 22%
  • Confidence by 22% 
  • Problem Solving by 20%
Starbucks Youth Action

Since 2011 over 18,000 young people have taken part in this social action project where 16-25 year olds were encouraged to make a positive difference to their local community. Successful applicants are awarded with a ‘seed-corn’ budget to bring their idea to life and given training on how to manage a project and budget as well as working with volunteers. Key achievements:

  • Over 280 young people attended training
  • Over 260 projects were funded 
Active Youth Programme
Active Youth Programme

UK Youth will work with 2,640 currently inactive young people, delivering an initial 6-session 'get active' course, and laying foundations for further development of the programme across the UK.

  • Active Youth is backed by Sport England and a consortium of supporters which you can read about here
Youth Social Action Journey

5,480 young people were supported in scaling up and continuing social action in their communities with £2000 funding and support from youth workers and partners. Key achievements

  • 480 NCS graduates led 160 YSAJ projects
  • 5,000 young people were estimated to have engaged in the projects


If you would like to find out more about the programmes we run please contact our National Programmes Manager on 02031 373825 or e-mail

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