Youth Sector Consultation


Following the recent Youth Sector Consultation involving UK Youth, Ambition and NCVYS, please read the findings and proposed actions here

Our CEO, Anna Smee, has also written a blog post on the future of the Youth Sector.



Life Chances 


On January 11th, David Cameron gave a speech on life chances, explaining how the government intends to transform the lives of the poorest in Britain. UK Youth have responded to the announcements in this speech which are most relevant to young people and the youth sector. 

While it appears that the Government has some positive thinking on how to help to move young people from poverty, by the embedding of character development and community engagement into schooling and beyond, it is also clear that this policy requires further thought and development. Relevant Government departments must therefore explore and articulate how the private, public and voluntary sectors, including existing youth services provisions, can effectively collaborate to provide a more holistic and robust non-formal learning opportunities to complement the education sector and the already significantly funded social action agenda.

You can read our full response here



DfE & Inspection of out-of-school Education settings


The DfE has called for evidence on their proposal for the registration and inspection of out-of-school education settings, you can read the consultation proposal here.

UK Youth submitted a response on the 7th January 2016, which you can read here. If you would like to contribute to this consultation please either do so directly to the DfE or get in touch with Matt Lent (matt.lent@ukyouth.org) to discuss further.



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