Our Priorities


Our focus is on four key areas of activity which are designed to ensure that all the young people we come into contact with are able to participate in our Social Development Journey, helping to build the capabilities they each need to become a positive force for change in their own life, and the lives of others.


Our strategic priorities


1. Better Voice

We will give young people and youth sector leaders a voice

Capturing views, ideas and experiences from the young people, youth workers and volunteers in our network and amplifying them to influence policy development, public opinion and outcomes for young people.


2. Better Membership

We will support youth organisations across the UK

Developing our membership offer to help national, regional and local youth organisations adapt to the new funding environment, maintain and enhance services for young people and harness innovation and technology to prepare for the future.


3. Better Programmes

We will work in partnership to deliver inspiring national programmes

Building our portfolio of inspiring national programmes to deliver exciting opportunities for young people that will give them the skills they need to grow into confident and capable adults who lead fulfilling lives.


4. Better Us

We will ensure our charity is run well

Strengthening our organisation internally by reviewing and improving systems and processes, adopting the latest technology, living our values, and always striving for amazing results.

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