Our Challenge


Right now, the prospects for young people in the UK are far from promising.  Many young people face numerous pressures and challenges in various aspects of their lives. Many disadvantaged young people lack adequate access to training and employment, affordable housing, long term financial security, and technology.  They also must cope with a fast changing work environment, all while striving for physical and mental well-being.

Evidence shows that the barriers young people face to achieving economic independence, well being and finding the right support, are disproportionate to the population as a whole:


  • Unemployment rates are three times higher for 16-25 year olds when compared with the rest of the UK population






  • Around 35,000 young people are in homeless accommodation at any one time across the UK, with hostels always full or oversubscribed


The effects of this marginalisation have a profound impact on the self-worth of the individual, and a negative impact on their life now and further down the line.


    percentage of young people - white
    David - Youth Worker

    "If Ben was to be successful in finding employment this would lead onto the next steps in housing and living an independent life, off benefits and away from the support of agencies such as YMCA Norfolk."

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