Approximately 300,000 young people in the UK are estimated to be “digitally excluded” and lack the basic, resilient digital skills needed to access society to its fullest. In a society that is increasingly ‘digital-by-default’, a lack of digital skills is a major contributor to disadvantaged young people being left behind socially and economically.

As part of Nominet Trust’s Digital Reach programme, UK Youth’s Digi-Know programme addresses the lack of digital skills in young people, particularly those who are facing personal, circumstantial or systemic barriers which could lead to digital exclusion, and empower them to access a world that is now digital-by-default.

We have set-up 10 Digi-Know Hubs in youth organisations in our network, creating a bespoke digital space within each local service. Digi-Know provides training to youth workers and young Champions to deliver creative digital skills programmes through a range of dynamic, interactive resources. The programme will reach 1,500 digitally excluded young people aged 16 – 25 years old, through a mixture of regular sessions, open-access use and outreach events.

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