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We regret that we are no longer taking on any more partners for this programme.

During autumn 2016, 150 of our 16-17 year old young people made their way from Manchester, Sheffield and Basingstoke to London to participate in our NCS Pathfinder programme.

This was NCS with an urban twist. With the support from our incredible corporate partners, our young people took part in a crash course in presentation skills, before pitching their idea for a brand new Frappuccino at Starbuck’s Head Office; they learnt about the future career opportunities in the UK Space Sector before designing their own business plan for a new satellite company at the Royal Society for Chemistry; they worked in teams to come up with a technological solution to make life easier at Microsoft’s offices, and designed a new computer game.

In the little downtime they had, they enjoyed a trip to the theatre and tried their hand at Go Ape, as well as having either a walking tour or a bus tour around the capital. This residential first phase of the programme was designed to engage, awaken and inspire young people whilst allowing them to get to know and work with a variety of people from different backgrounds, areas and interests to themselves.

Once the young people had returned to their home town they were given one days rest before starting on our exciting Money For Life programme. The young people learnt all about budgeting skills and built further on their team skills, by working together to provide a meal for their team within a budget. This second phase of the programme of social learning was designed to help our young people grow and learn, giving them skills to help ensure they avoid debt in adulthood and also continuing with our business theme, equipping young people with the skills to potentially set up their own business one day.

The final stage of the programme saw the young people put together the skills they had learnt in London, along with their new knowledge on budgeting, to put together a Social Action project. Here the young people used resources from our Change Squad programme and were given a budget to deliver their very own social action project for their local community. During this challenge many of the young people took on some sort of leadership role, the final step in UK Youth’s social development journey. From this phase we saw a variety of events around the UK being organised by our young people, including feeding the homeless in London and providing free football coaching in Sheffield.

We received some incredible feedback from our participants and UK Youth would like to thank our incredible corporate partners, Starbucks, Microsoft UK and Social Superstore who helped us make this programme a success and provide our young people with invaluable life skills and memories that will last a lifetime. 

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