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Video CVs helping young people get noticed in the crowd

Video CVs helping young people get noticed in the crowd

With youth unemployment standing at around 1 million young people and up to 70 graduates chasing every job, it is more important than ever before to be heard above the crowd.


UK Youth has teamed up with the social video app VideofyMe to create a new social media market for jobs to help more young people from all kinds of backgrounds come to the attention of employers.


Simply make your own video CV and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #employme Employers can then search directly within Twitter for new recruits.

How to do it

Download the app from the iTunes store or via and follow the simple instructions on how to make a video. Then share with the wider world and potential employers.



  • Keep it short and snappy - maximum two minutes, but aim to be closer to one. Remember employers could have hundreds of applications to go through.
  • Be creative but not too clever - there is a fine line between being interesting and being a show off. You don't want your CV to go global for the wrong reasons.
  • Be professional – consider dressing and behaving like you would in the workplace or as if you are going for an interview in person.
  • Add value - the whole point of a video CV is to add greater insight to your strengths and personality. Don't just read out your CV. Let the employer know not only what you have achieved but what you could achieve for them.
  • Make it appropriate – target your video CV for the job market you are aiming for. A more creative video CV for the creative industries; a more straight forward video CV for business and commerce.
  • Include your contact details – make it as easy as possible for the employer to get hold of you.
  • Break all these rules - if you have a truly unique and arresting idea.


Link your Video CV

When you have finished your video post it using the app on twitter under the hashtag #employme and pick a second hashtag to reflect the sector you want to work in.


You can use the following:

#advertising #agriculture #arts #automotive #charity #construction #design #environment #fashion #film #finance #food #healthcare #hospitality #insurance #leisure #manufacturing #marketing #media #publishing #retail #sales #teaching #technology #television #transport


...or alternatively make up one of your own.


Here are some video CVs that were made earlier


A dream job would be nice 

Employ adam


Helen Stuttard, Senior Recruitment Manager at Mitchells & Butlers, operators of around 1,600 managed pubs, bars and restaurants throughout the United Kingdom (including All Bar One, Harvesters, and Browns) comments:


"Mitchells & Butlers employs approximately 38,000 people in 17 brands throughout the UK. I think that the video CV is a great idea especially for young people, graduates and students who may want to get their personality across as well as their passion for the role for which they are applying."


For media enquiries, please contact Benjamin Webb This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  020 7221 1540/07930 408 224


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