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Challenging young people of all abilities

Challenging young people of all abilities

Since 2007, UK Youth member The Lifetrain Trust has worked with Epsom Phab to provide nationally recognised accreditation for all of the fantastic activities their young people participate in, using UK Youth’s Youth Achievement Awards.


Epsom Phab is, in their own words, “A club for kids that are Physically Disabled or Able Bodied. The kids get together and have fun – on equal terms.”  A registered charity, they run weekly club evenings, go on outings and holidays and put on various shows and events.


Courtney Giles, 18, was one of the first young people to “sign up” for the Youth Achievement Awards at the club.  A highly motivated young person, Courtney is a fantastic example of how the YAA programmes can be tailored to challenge all young people. 


“The Youth Achievement Awards have been an amazing journey for me. I found out about them aged 14 when directing a show for the youth club I now help at, I started my Gold and quickly found it a challenging yet highly worthwhile experience!  I moved straight onto Platinum after my Gold and had a great time with the youth work I did for my award, yet I didn't want to stop there! 


As I thought the awards were such a good idea, I decided to encourage more children to get involved at the youth club and made an effort to ensure anyone who wanted to take part could, and that they had the appropriate level of aid and support for their abilities.  It has proved really successful over the past two years, with over 40 children becoming involved.  I love seeing what a difference the awards make to the children's lives, they really enjoy being able to track their activities, work with friends and get the recognition for what they are doing, I definitely would recommend the awards, the possibilities are endless!” Courtney Giles, 18


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