Internet Citizens

Internet Citizens is a series of full day fun and interactive workshops delivered in partnership with You Tube. These national workshops have been delivered to 13-18 year olds across the UK to help young people become more confident, critical consumers of information online and feel empowered to use social media to communicate their views and ideas in a positive way.

The workshops are designed to:

  • Educate young people with critical thinking skills to safeguard themselves online
  • Demonstrate the power of the Internet to bring people together
  • Empower them to find and share their voice in the online world in a positive way


Participants will become more considered and independent online actors who are:

  • More critical consumers of information
  • More capable self-safeguarders from content that may be negative or problematic
  • More resilient to negative narratives that can make them feel at risk
  • More confident in their use of social media to communicate their own individual positive messages


We are in the planning stages of the project and are looking forward to what delivery in phase two has to offer. Let’s make a better web. 


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