Chancellor announces plans to extend school hours

During the George Osborne's budget statement, he spoke of plans to use the additional tax levy on sugar based soft drinks to go towards to the extension of hours in 25% of schools, in order to provide access to extra-curricular activities such as sport and art.

UK Youth agrees with the Chancellor that it is vital for young people to have access to these extra-curricular activities.

However, while schools are best placed to provide academic learning and a framework for attainment, it is the youth sector, led by skilled youth professionals, that is best placed to provide the out-of-schools hours activities that can give young people invaluable life skills, support personal development and boost academic performance.

UK Youth would therefore encourage the Government to work with local and national youth services to further enhance and deliver on these priorities. Using the additional funds in order to ensure that all young people, and not just 25%, have the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of non-formal learning opportunities, in an appropriate environment, accessible within their communities and beyond the school gates.

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