Active Youth: helping young people feel 'part of something'

Essensual Rejuvenation is a young people’s dance and physical activity project based in Leicester. They run a range of dynamic and exciting dance activities for the young people, in their surroundings and in their communities. They take their activities into young people’s lives; working with a range of young people from disadvantaged areas, aiming to raise low self- esteem and build confidence.

Essensual Rejuvenation is one of our members delivering our Active Youth programme in Leicester. As part of the programme, youth workers from the club support young people to become ambassadors. These ambassadors deliver their own sessions and programmes to other in-active young people who wouldn’t normally take part in physical activity – with the ultimate aim of encouraging more young people to get involved and be inspired to stay involved!  

One of Essensual Rejuvenations ambassadors is a 20 year old, who used to spend his days in his bedroom, not really doing anything. He was involved in dance when he was younger but lost his confidence and started to become disengaged.

Through his local youth club, he became involved in Active Youth after talking to another ambassador on the programme. They persuaded him to become an ambassador himself and shortly afterwards, he was confident enough to deliver his own sessions and programmes to other in-active young people.

Since becoming involved in Active Youth, he is feeling more motivated through being ‘part of something’; he’s always volunteering at the club and sharing his passion and energy with other young people. In fact, he’s feeling so motivated that he hopes to go on and pursue a career as a professional dancer while also helping to empower other young people.

In his own words: “Essensual Rejuvenations feels like my family and I love it.”

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