UK Youth’s Conservative Party Conference Roundtable

A Framework for a 21st Century Youth Sector

Date: Tuesday 4th October - 7.45 to 9.00

Room: Youth Zone (inside the exhibition hall)

Refreshments: Tea, coffee and hot breakfast

Join UK Youth and Rob Wilson MP (Minister for Civil Society) for the below discussion.

The ‘Youth Sector’ and those who work with young people outside of statutory education, have never been very good at articulating what they do and the value they bring.

Stop someone in the street and ask them what ‘youth work’ is and the most you’ll probably hear is that it’s table tennis in a rundown church hall or uniformed youth groups such as the Scouts, and while both of these things are true, those within the service know how much more diverse it is, how much it’s valued by users and communities, and how much it’s needed.

It’s vital we begin to genuinely work across sectors, collaborating in order to create a national youth service that is fit-for-purpose, able to clearly state what it achieves, be universally valued, and with a high public profile.

UK Youth’s Social Development Journey aims to be a framework that can be used to:

1.  Articulate the youth offer in a clear concise way in order to develop a shared collective vision for young people

2.  Reflect on the success of our practice through the creation of an agreed progression route for service users

3.  Map organisation level delivery and inform strategic planning and development

4.  Map local and regional services, identifying gaps in service provisions, as well as opportunities for collaboration, partnerships and consolidation

5.  Demonstrate and communicate the youth services value to external audiences, including, policy makers, funders and delivery partners

This roundtable will be an opportunity for stakeholders to:

  • Discuss and agree the current challenges and priorities for youth services
  • Explore the opportunity that the Social Development Journey may bring
  • Begin to develop genuine cross-sector responsibility for young people related services


To confirm your attendance please e-mail Simon Neyhouser (

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