Active Youth Programme

Active Youth is a two-year programme, dedicated to getting young people aged 14 to 25 involved in physical activity. The programme is funded by Sport England and delivered by UK Youth in some of the most deprived areas of England including Cumbria, Leicestershire, Chester West and the Wirral.

Active Youth aims to inspire over 2,500 young people who are currently not undertaking any regular exercise to become more active. Working alongside regional youth associations, local youth clubs and local authorities, UK Youth engages currently inactive young people by delivering an initial 6-session 'get active' course, and laying the foundations for further development of the programme in other areas of the UK.

UK Youth will:

  • Engage inactive young people in sport by delivering a series of initial 6-session “get active” programmes through youth clubs in deprived areas of Cumbria, Leicestershire and Wirral/Cheshire West 
  • Provide community youth workers with training, information, support and funding to help young people on their journey
  • Embed a youth-led culture in sport by enabling the targeted inactive young people to be fully involved in the design of programmes
  • Embed a peer-led approach by training 120 ambassadors as activity leaders, through partnership with Street Games
  • Work with partners to provide work experience opportunities for the ambassadors.



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