Trip to the World Para Athletics - Guest Blog

Connor Southern, an ambassador from our Active Youth programme blogs for us on the Canal Boat Adventure Project's visit to the World Para Athletics in London. You can find our more about our Active Youth programme here

Thank you to UK Youth, 8 young people had the opportunity to go and watch the World Para Athletics in the Olympic Stadium in London. Whilst at the games, the young people had the opportunity to get involved in active activities, watch several games in play and had the opportunity to experience their own capital city; a place many of them have not done before this trip. 

When arriving at the Olympic Park, there were serval sporty activities for the young people to get involved with. For example, there was reaction tests, high jump, long jump, and other mini Olympic activities.

All the young people got involved with this and the ambassadors support the other young people who were there. The ambassadors encouraged, motivated and support the young people to get involved and praised them when they did well but also encourage them to do better.

Even though some of the young people and ambassadors are not over-enthusiastic about physical activities, they all expressed that they really enjoyed this part of the day and they felt that all physical activities are not about running fast or involve being strong.

When watching the show, all the young people sat in the front seats cheering all the different athletes on; although, they got extra excited to see our own country’s athletes. They got involved with chants, spoke to others around them about where they were from and expressed how the event amazed them.

The ambassadors were explaining to the other young people, and staff, what was going on around them and how the day was organised. The ambassadors did research about the event and took an interest before coming. This showed a strong amount of initiative and leadership ready for their roles as ambassadors. They used the knowledge and back it up with their experiences of the event in real life.

We also got the opportunity to bring the young people on a trip around London, sightseeing and being a tourist. The ambassadors planned the route and made sure we stuck to a planned timetable; developing their organisational and leadership skills.

On reflection, the young ambassadors spoke about how they were amazed about the motivation of the different athletes, no matter their disability. They felt like they did not want to complain about their personal fitness anymore and felt like they could make more of an effort with their personal fitness. This motivated the ambassadors to talk about their experiences to other young people as they returned to Runcorn.

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