With a history spanning over a century and a network reaching over 830,000 young people, we’re proud to be a leading national charity committed to providing high quality services for young people. Our services are delivered through a network of locally accessible youth organisations across the UK.

Together we offer support, advice and training to equip young people with vital life skills and engage them in education, volunteering and employment.

Our Vision:

All young people are empowered to build bright futures, whatever their background or circumstances.

Who we reach:

We work primarily with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, from a wide range of religious and cultural environments, family settings, academic ability levels and geographic locations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How we reach them:

The young people we work with are encouraged and supported to get involved with UK Youth voluntarily. They typically find out about us through their friends and family, the local youth organisations in our network, the UK Youth staff team, or via referral partners (including schools, social services, the police, the NHS, and other local service providers).

Our mission:

To provide access to appropriate, high quality services for young people in every community.

Our goals:

To achieve our mission we have set three core goals:

Goal 1 - Young people can access support, advice & training in their community or online

Goal 2 - Young people become motivated, self-aware, receptive, resilient, responsible, confident, and good communicators  

Goal 3 - Young people can engage with education, volunteering and employment

Our values:

To deliver our vision, we need a strong sense of who we are and what we stand for. At the heart of all our work are these three core values:

Value 1 - We work with young people on their terms 

Value 2 - We are committed to working in partnership

Value 3 - We advocate on behalf of young people and the sector

Our delivery model:

These values sit at the heart of our delivery model, which articulates the role UK Youth plays in supporting and enhancing nationwide services for young people. 

1. Understand and build on the strengths and needs of young people

2. Offer support and advice to youth service providers

3. Run world class skills development programmes for young people

4. Measure impact and share learnings

5. Influence policy and funding to prioritise services for young people



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