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Same old start today, work followed by the gym. I am really feeling it now, 17 miles in 2 days is the most I have ever done and to think I have to do half of that again in 1 sitting “yikes”!

I know that I need to get some miles in so set off at a slightly more gentle 13km/h. I carry on until the half hour and decide that I need to shut it down. A good stretch followed by 15minutes in the sauna will do wonders and the rest will do my body well. Whilst in the sauna I get chatting to another Marathoner, he too is running London and at a similar pace, a good chat ensues.


Today is my Birthday, not that it has any real relevance to training plan but it does mean birthday cake later. Sweet items I know are my downfall but hey it is my birthday after all.



One of the things suggested to me from yesterday sauna chat was to make sure I get a speed work session in. I was going to gently increase my miles and work on the speed later but I decide to take the advice and come some intervals in.

I start at 13km/h for 5 minutes as, for me, this is a comfortable pace. After the 5 minutes I shifted up through the gears and spent 5 minutes at 16km/h. after this I decide to alternate my speed between 13 and 16km/h every 2.5 minutes.  At 52.5 minutes I am again shifting up to 16km/h, I am getting tired but instead of shifting back down to 13 at 55 minutes I instead shift up and spend the next 2.5 minutes at 17.5km/h before finishing of at 13km/h.

I am feeling good to know that after 52.5 minutes I can still put in a sub 6-minute mile.



I got to the gym today with every intention of putting in some more miles. My legs were feeling blasted but still I cant get my mind round having a rest day, instead feeling I will be missing something.  I get on the treadmill thinking I will split the difference “12.5km/h should be easy for a rest run”.

After 15 seconds I say, “Stuff it”. I decided that I really do need a rest day!!!

15 minutes of walking at 5km/h followed by a stretch and another 15minutes in the sauna was a much better idea!!! Refresh the batteries for the weekend hack!!!



I like to do my weekend run before breakfast as it helps the body adapt to performing on low energy levels and helps the body burn fat for energy which will prove vital in the later stages of the marathon.

This week as I have already clocked some 30 miles I decided to have a good bowl of porridge, granola, seeds and fruit. Charge the depleted cells ready for a lunchtime half marathon.

 I almost didn’t bother going out but the wife reminded me that I would feel better when I was out running. I seriously was not in the mood!

I was so glad when I got back that I had gone out, 1h 30 minutes!



Another day off and it feels completely well deserved. I have had a few house chores to get done, one of which is buying and fitting a new carpet for my 8month old son’s bedroom. Ready now for him to move in and for us to have a little more freedom :) :)

 After a little reflection of the week, it has been good. I have run more miles in a week than ever before and sat at race pace for 13 miles. I am feeling confident.  Anne I might take your advice and go up half a shoe size for the day!

John Burbidge and sub 3 hours I am coming for you!!


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