John Burbidge's journey - 23rd January 2017


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Status Update on training:

Nice early start to the season for me. Training is going really well (so far so good!). Currently up to 13 miles, averaging 35 miles per week.  I will be upping the mileage in February to around 16-18 miles, averaging 45 miles a week. Please don’t judge yourself on anyone else’s training regime – it is a personal thing and should never be compared!



Fundraising experiences:

My first major fundraising event was The Nottingham Outlaw Triathlon (Iron Man Distance).  A UPS worker inspired me to take part in this charitable event (which coincided with my 40th birthday). I raised money for Mind and this started the journey....


I have taken part in many triathlons/marathons since but the most poignant fundraising event since, was a mamouth bike ride from Silverstone GP Circuit to Monaco Grand Prix finish line.  An adventure that took 8 days, travelling 848 miles, during a climb of over 59,000 feet. Twenty five men in lycra raised over £20,000 for five seriously worthy causes!


To me taking part in the London marathon will be the ultimate run!! It’s certainly one for the bucket list.  Last year my wife ran a 10k run in London for charity and the atmosphere was electric.  I enjoyed seeing things from a supporter’s point of view.  To me supporting a charity is more than taking part in a race, there’s so much more to it!


I enjoyed telling my children all about UK youth and they are really excited about being involved too! It is not just about fundraising but raising the charities profile too.  UK Youth is quite unique and offers excellent opportunities to young people – our future!!!  


Top Fundraising Tips

Just try to get everyone involved no matter what they do!!!. We can’t really keep asking for generosity (I’ve milked it)  We LOVE cakes and are always baking to raise money.  This weekend my daughter made a few goodies for me to take to work to sell.  To be honest not many will make it....... early days!!!!


JB Tip No. 1

A really good pair of trainers. If possible get fitted for them!


Pre- run fuelling (training)

Peanut butter and honey  on white bagel  OR Soreen (Deliciously Squidgy) and banana. 

I have not yet completed the volunteer road code session yet, however, I am looking forward to understanding what this code is all about and spending time with the children of this charity.


The Downs

Winter early mornings where trying to find the motivation to get the miles in is tough. Remaining injury free is always paramount, but not always avoidable! Balancing work, training and family life can be tough!


The Ups

When I’ve finished a long run and I’m in front of the fire sharing the biscuit barrel with the kids! Inspiring your children to want to cross that physical finish line and not the computerised one! 


Feeling inspired to run in the London Marathon 2018 for UK Youth yourself or want to get involved in another UK Youth event? Find out more.

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