Status update on training:

Between work commitments, parental commitments and University degree commitments, the training has been going well. I am currently up to 16miles comfortable running status. This Sunday I will be running 20miles (my last long run before the marathon) in Windsor.

During the January, I was running on the streets and I had minor injury on my hips due to icy conditions. I went straight to my trusted osteopath and after a short therapy, I was back to running but I did most of the running on treadmills in February.

I did really enjoy the spinning session with the team. It was great fun and bonding session.

The best side of completing long runs is having a bowl of pasta any time I like! God I will be missing all those carbs loads.

Although I have completed 8 marathons since 2014, I am a “comfortable” runner. I am not as fast as fellow runners on the team. This is my marathon journey and I am proud of what I have achieved :)


Fundraising experiences:

I enjoy being part of any fundraising events. I am a member of Community Involvement Committee and Focus Group so I would be there for all the activities. These could be from cake baking to running cheeky 5KM or even a pulling a UPS plane …

For this event, I have already organized a “Valentine’s Day Cake Sale”, car boot sale and asking donations from friends and families. You don’t ask you don’t get.


Why I'm running to support UK Youth

Road deaths are the single biggest killer of young people with 23% of 18-24 year olds crashing within 2 years of passing their driving test. This led UPS to establish the UPS Road Code safe driving programme for young people in the US, Canada, Germany and UK since 2011. In the UK, UPS has been working with UK Youth to help deliver workshops and a ‘behind the wheel’ simulator for teens to improve their road hazard awareness.

I am a coordinator of this programme in the UK and an active volunteer. I enjoy delivering this programme and making the change on the young people at the end of the session is priceless. 


Team UPS's main fundraising page


Gulen's fundraising page


Feeling inspired to run in the London Marathon 2018 for UK Youth yourself or want to get involved in another UK Youth event? Find out more.

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